These are the available cats for adoption  at this moment. They are now in Zaragoza, Spain. Click on the picture to read their story and see more photographs.


We are a non-profit Association who help abandoned cats to find a home. We take care of them in foster homes; we take them to the vet and look for a definite home. We are in Zaragoza.

If you need more information, you can contact us at: zaragatos@gmail.com


The cats will be given with pre-monitoring, adoption contract and post-monitoring.

They are parasite treated, vaccinated and sterilized, and with the feline leukemia and inmunodeficiency tests done.

As we are individuals, at the moment of the adoption we ask for a stated donation to cover some of the veterinary expenses (vaccinations, parasite treatments, blood tests and sterilizations, among others). This is needed if we want to keep our animals in the best conditions and to go on with this teamwork.

They are now in Zaragoza but can be sent to other nearby counties.


If you like cats and want to help them, you can contact us at:


How you can help:

Adopt, don’t buy. Many cats are abandoned each year in Spain, and they survive in our streets in bad conditions. If you adopt instead of buying, you are giving a second chance to an abandoned cat and, at the same time, this cat leaves a vacant place for another abandoned cat, so it can find a home.

Be a foster home. Being a foster home means having an abandoned cat at home and take care of it till it is adopted. The expenses are payed by us. If, by any chance, you cannot keep it, we will find another home for it.

Be a sponsor. If any of our cats has moved you but you cannot adopt it and you want to know more about it, you can send any monthly amount you want and we will inform you of its evolution, sending you news and pictures periodically to your email. This way you contribute to pay some of the expenses of this cat while it is fostered.

Economic help. If you want to help us economically so we can pay the veterinary expenses, medicines, food, etc. of our fostered cats, you can send a donation to this account number:

(Spain) 2086 0036 10 0001130002

As a volunteer. Helping us with the transport to the cats to the vet, to their new homes, to the foster homes, etc; broadcasting our cats in internet; helping us with the pre-monitoring and post-monitoring, etc.

If you find an abandoned home-loving cat:

The possibility of helping new abandoned cats depends on the vacant places we have in our foster homes and on the money we can expend in those moments because, as you can imagine, the number of cats we can help is limited. If you find any abandoned home-loving cat and you want to help it but you don´t know how, write to us to this e-mail address: zaragatos@gmail.com and we will try to find a solution with your help.

They left us

These “zara-cats” left us before we could find a home for them, but they will be in our hearts forever…


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